eCommerce Consulting

Yukon24 checks cost categories of the client with the purpose to determine potentials for cost reductions without losses in quality and service.

- Technology - Customer Care

- Marketing - Payment - Logistics

- Supplier's Management

Is Your eCommerce Model Profitabel and Sustainabel?

Time the decisive factor in our saturated, globalized world. Yukon24 analyzes existing processes during our clients to itself around the real object of a company serving added value(yield) of an enterprise concern. So that a winning performance can be produced, it needs a value application. Costs, the counterconcept of performance originate from the value application. Your internal or operational success originates from the confrontation of performance and costs. Yukon24 gives you time and checks your cost categories exclusively for successful base. When do you win time?

Would you like to become one of the leading companies in your field of the mail order industry?

We provide you with some steps you can take to boost sales. Successful business means incorporating sustainable long-term values, and even increasing the value of your internet company. Our consultantĀ“s support really allows you to dedicate your attention entirely to your basic business activities, to maximise ROI. Yukon24 support you in your web- and implementationprojects at best conditions.

Effect of the conversion rate calculate at the turnover, now...